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?Who We Are

Green-Team provides consulting, supervision, process design services in water treatment, industrial and municipal wastewater treatment and environmental protection fields.

Green-Team mission is to deliver a complete water and wastewater treatment solution for the most challenging water and wastewater treatment applications in environmentally friendly and cost-effective way. Green-Team believes in its professionalism, integrity, reliability, and commitment to each and every one of its customers.

Our Team

Dr. Alex Drak

PhD. In Chemical Engineering from Technion Israel Institute of Technology

Expert in water treatment, desalination, and industrial wastewater treatment

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Orit Shahaf

MSc. in Environmental Engineering,

Ben Gurion University

Expert in wastewater treatment (industrial and municipal) and environmental engineering

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Our Services

  • Consulting on water and wastewater treatment processes

  • Consulting on environmental projects

  • Process design of water and wastewater treatment (municipal and industrial) projects

  • Supervision of water and wastewater (municipal and industrial) projects

  • Commissioning of water and wastewater (municipal and industrial) projects.

A complete process design package for the following water and wastewater treatment plants:

  • Biological conventional and membrane wastewater treatment

  • Industrial wastewater treatment using different technologies including Near Zero Liquid Discharge treatment

  • Tertiary wastewater treatment by gravity or pressurized filtration or ultra-filtration

  • Sea water desalination

  • Brackish water desalination

  • Well water purification including nitrate, iron, manganese and turbidity removal

Process design package consists of the following deliverables:

  • Process Flow Diagram including mass balance, energy and chemical consumptions

  • Layout conceptual design

  • Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams including relevant lists (equipment, line, valve, instrument and motor lists)

  • Equipment data sheets and techno-economical evaluation of the offered equipment

  • Supporting other disciplines (civil, electrical, control & instrumentation, piping design)

  • Control Programming Logic, Sequence Of Operation

  • Commissioning, start up and training services

  • Supervision and design review

Why Choose Us?

  • Many years of experience in water and wastewater (municipal and industrial) related projects

  • Project management experience in water and wastewater treatment field

  • Knowledge of the laws and regulations

  • Professional commitment to each and every one of its customers. This commitment includes:

  • Professionalism - to provide our customers and partners first class professional capabilities.

  • High level of service.

  • Comprehensive and up to date knowledge.

  • Operating flexibility

  • High technological design level

  • Maximum availability.

Our Customers

✔ Industrial plants and every business that produce industrial wastewater

✔ Factories that consume water at different qualities for main process and auxiliaries (steam boiler, cooling tower etc.)

✔ Wastewater and water treatment plants

✔ Engineering and process design companies

✔ Promoters and entrepreneur that require consulting, supervision, design and construction of water and wastewater treatment plants

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